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HazRad Australia & CODA - Centre of Decommissioning Australia Partnership

HazRad Australia is pleased to announce it's partnered with CODA - Centre of Decommissioning Australia. This week, CODA has presented at the APPEA 2023 Conference and Exhibition in Adelaide.

Decommissioning is an essential process in the oil and gas industry that involves the safe and environmentally responsible cessation of operations and removal of infrastructure from offshore or onshore facilities that are no longer economically viable or required for production.

In Australia, the decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructure is guided by the Australian government's regulatory framework, which ensures that decommissioning activities are conducted in a manner that minimizes environmental impact and complies with safety and industry standards.

The decommissioning process typically involves several stages, which may include the following:

1. Planning: Companies are required to develop decommissioning plans that outline the proposed methods, timeline, and costs associated with decommissioning activities. These plans are submitted to regulatory authorities for approval.

2. Well Plugging and Abandonment: Wells that are no longer productive must be properly plugged and abandoned to prevent the release of hydrocarbons into the environment. This process involves sealing the wellbore with cement and installing permanent barriers.

3. Facility Removal: Once wells are plugged and abandoned, the removal of offshore platforms, pipelines, and other infrastructure takes place. This can involve the use of specialized vessels and equipment to lift and transport heavy structures to shore for recycling or disposal.

4. Site Remediation: After removal, the seabed and surrounding areas are typically assessed and remediated to restore natural habitats and ensure any potential environmental impacts are minimised.

It's important to note that decommissioning is a complex and costly process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure safety and environmental protection. Regulatory authorities closely oversee decommissioning activities to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. HazRad Australia will play an integral part in the decommissioning supply chain with the ability to offer unique services such as NORM, mercury, and hazardous chemical disposal along with radiological assessment surveys.


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