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Environmental monitoring equipment hire

Take control of environmental hazards


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Solutions for environments with chemicals and hazardous materials

Monitor your environment for chemical and other dangers with our hire equipment.

Whatever your environmental monitoring needs, we have hire equipment to help.

Talk to us about your unique situation.

MSA altair 5X and 4X gas detection units

  • Multi-sensor portable gas monitors for a range of uses.

  • Compact and lightweight.

  • Simple one-button operation to advanced instruments that can include connected safety for your workforce.

MiniRAE portable handheld VOC units

  • Real-time wireless data with built-in RF modem or bluetooth.

  • Easy access to lamp and sensor in seconds without tools.

  • Big graphic display for easy overview of gas type, correction factor and concentration.

  • Field-interchangeable battery pack replaced in seconds without tools.

  • Flashlight for view in low light.

  • User-friendly screens, including dataplot chart view.

ppbRAE portable handheld VOC units

  • Comprehensive VOC gas monitor and datalogger for hazardous environments.

  • Most advanced handheld VOC monitor available for parts-per-billion detection.

Portacount respirator fit tester

  • Quantitative respirator fit tester

  • Supports respiratory protection programs throughout the fit test process – from training and mask selection to compliance.

Mobile decontamination units

  • Specially-designed mobile unit for when workers are exposed to chemicals and other hazardous materials.

  • ‘Dirty’ chamber entrance.

  • Shower room.

  • ‘Clean’ room exit.

HazRad air scrubbers

  • Air purification equipment.

  • Avoid dangerous illnesses from poor air quality.

Spill remediation VOC monitoring
Water treatment AFFF PFAS tanks
Environmental monitoring contaminated soil
Environmental monitoring radiation air quality
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