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E-waste removal and recycling

Safe collection and disposal of e-waste materials


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Hazardous material and chemical disposal

Disposing of e-waste can be a burden. E-waste can contain chemicals like lead, mercury, cadmium and bromiated fire retardant.

These are dangerous in landfill and damage Country.

We provide a full e-waste collection and recycling service that will handle your e-waste ethically and responsibly.

At the same time, you’re helping to:

  • support fulltime employment opportunities for First Nations people

  • promote valuable First Nations environmental knowledge in dealing with modern chemical problems.

Secure hazardous material recycling

HazRad sources eWaste for secure recycling to recover precious metals and avoid hazardous material ending up in landfill.

We give a full e-waste collection and recycling service that handles e-waste ethically and responsibly.

From single collections to dedicated, on-site e-waste bins, talk to us about recycling solutions for:

  • Batteries – lead acid, alkaline, lithium, ni-cad

  • Desktop computers and laptops

  • Computer keyboards and componentry

  • Printers and scanners

  • Televisions

  • Fax machines

  • Mobile phones and PDAs

  • Cabling

  • Fluorescent light tubes

  • Lamps and globes

  • Fire extinguishers

Solvent water based paint disposal and recyling composting
ULAB Battery recycling
ewaste fluorescent light tubes mercury disposal
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