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Intractable waste

Qualified to handle the most hazardous Class V materials


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Radiological and significantly contaminated waste specialists

We work with key stakeholders for compliance on packaging, transporting, storing and disposing intractable waste.

Intractable waste means waste that has toxicity or chemical or physical characteristics making it hard to dispose of or treat safely, for example:

  • radioactive wastes (disposal must be approved by the Radiological Council of Western Australia)

  • significantly contaminated soils

  • industrial sludges

  • some spent catalyst wastes.


These are not suitable for disposal in Class I, II, III and IV landfill facilities.

HazRad is at the forefront of Intractable Class V wastes, providing clients with complete nondisclosure.

These waste streams are deemed too difficult to treat. They require HazRad’s technical handling to safely manage the disposal process.

Intractable Class V PAH Asbestos Pipe Disposal
Contaminated Filter Cake Catalyst Radioactive Waste
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