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HAZRAD Australia

HazRad: hazardous material response

Waste management that cares about Country


On-call waste management focused on safety for people and the environment.

Qualified with hazardous materials

When technical expertise combines with traditional knowledge, it gets the best results for our clients and Country.

Our Australia-wide network of hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities operate with the best in treatment methods from two worlds. That means your hazardous materials are taken away and disposed of in the safest and most sustainable way.

Every type of hazardous waste problem needs a different solution. We can help you find the right one for your needs.

Our services:

  • tailor to your needs

  • are cost-effective 

  • align with regulations

  • consider impact on the environment.

Hazrad Australia Indigenous Aboriginal Art
Hazrad Service Capabilities Asbestos Intractable Radioactive Fuel Recovery Industrial Cleaning Hydrocarbons Dangerous Goods Controlled Waste EPA Licenced Emergency Response

Download our Capability Statement

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24-hour emergency response

If you have an emergency spill and need a quick response, call in the experts.

HazRad is here for you around the clock with responsive, sustainable waste management.

Got a spill or other emergency?

Hazrad Exhibit AOG Australian Oil & Gas Conference

Supply Nation Certified waste response


HazRad is an Aboriginal-owned and managed waste management company.

We have a responsibility to look after Country, and this extends to the way we collect, remove, treat and dispose of waste.

Choose HazRad for an environmentally-responsible way to manage hazardous materials.

Hazrad Supply Nation ISO 9001 14001 45001 Accreditations
DMIRS Dangerous Goods Approved Emergency Responder Dangerous Goods Site Licenced DWER Conrtolled Waste Licenced
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Contact HAZRAD 

Head Office

34 Cocos Drive


Postal Address

PO BOX 1049


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